Low Code / No Code Platforms: What No One Tells You

Difficult vs Complicated

Let’s face it. You don’t need much training to use a product. BUT, you need training if you’re going to be the person who gets the credit for bringing automation to the organization.

Low Code / No Code Platform Training

Think back: When’s the last time you had a project that failed because of limited product knowledge? Or rather, when’s the last time you had a project succeed without proper product training?

  • Do you have a lot of tables in your documents? Great, we have an entire class dedicated to that.
  • Have difficult images and really need to see where Grooper has pushed the envelope in the image processing arena? We have a class for that too.

Why Stop at Individual Training Classes?

  • A video library
  • Requests for specific subjects to be elaborated on in our online Wiki
  • Expert-on-demand hours, where customers get a one-on-one with a professional Grooper technical person.

Low Code / No Code Does Not Mean Easy

Low Code / No Code Platform for Intelligent Document Processing

Expertise vs. Competence

A Quick Comparison

Here’s My Secret to Learning

Some Platforms Make It Easier to Figure Them Out

  • Page level
  • Group level
  • Section level
  • Table level
  • Or down to a single pattern that I’m testing — like a phone number or an ID number

Difficult Problems and Great Outcomes Require Work

  • We are helping clients reduce processing times from months to days and from days to mere minutes
  • One of our customers who is extracting more than a billion items per day is reaping the rewards of their efforts

We help you. We guide you. We’ll even do it for you and train you on how we did it because we love solving the problems that no one else can.



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Jesse Spencer-Davenport

Jesse Spencer-Davenport

I enjoy solving problems through business process analysis and increasing revenues through excellent content marketing.