What are Intelligent Documents?

What’s the Difference Between a Scanned Document, a Text File, a JSON file, or a Word Doc?

What are Intelligent Documents?

Intelligent Documents Represent the Pinnacle of Data Integration

Every Intelligent Document Created is a Data Integration Project Involving Strict Data Architecture and Ontology

  • Connectors
  • Data pipelines
  • Architecture
  • Business rules
  • Workflows
  • Data cleansing
  • Review processes

Why Do We Need Intelligent Documents?

Hundreds of thousands of human effort wasted. When will companies care enough to solve this?

How Do Intelligent Documents Work?

Here are the Steps to Create Intelligent Documents:

  1. Producers of documents upload documents into a secure Grooper web portal.
  2. In Grooper, the document is recognized, fully processed, and then output for receipt by the consumer of the document.
  3. Because the document is now smart, the consumer will use a similar web portal to identify that the document has been processed.
  4. All relevant data will be exposed and directly integrated into their workflows or line of business software.

The Benefits of Intelligent Documents:

Significant Time Saved

Rapid Customer Onboarding

Creating Common Access to Data Easier than Ever Before

Call these documents what you will — intelligent, smart, self-integrating, data-embedded — the future is clear.

This data modeling approach to data integration from documents is changing the way organizations communicate.



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Jesse Spencer-Davenport

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